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P2k is renowned for collaborating across multiple disciplines. We work on teams with artists, students, educators, scientists, environmentalists, activists, organizers, and all interested individuals. The cross-disciplinary approach allows our teams to create projects that are as educational as entertaining.


There are opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help make a variety of projects a reality. We welcome your ideas as well for innovative and entertaining programs that bring new awareness of the role of stewardship in the health of our environment. These programs include performances, participatory educational programs, exhibitions, fun and informative fund raising events, and more. Please contact us at new.projects2k@gmail.com or 203.444.8311.


Would you like to be considered for inclusion on our Board of Directors? We would love to hear how you would like to get involved. Please contact us at new.projects2k@gmail.com or 203.444.8311.

Parties and Fundraisers

Projects2k creates fun and inventive celebratory fund-raising events in unusual places. A good time is always had by all. Join our email list to receive an invitation to our next fun event.

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For over 20 years, P2k has been supported by arts organizations that believe in our mission. Foundations consistently fund our work because we have proven the long term sustainability of our organization. P2k is a 501(c)3 and graciously accepts individual donations and sponsorships. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

If you would like to donate please send your donation to:

Projects 2K
26 Prospect Hill Road
Stony Creek, CT 06405


Sponsors know that P2k provides maximum value and exposure for their businesses. We would be happy to meet with you to craft a giving program and work with your employees for fun and interesting volunteer opportunities. Please contact us at new.projects2k@gmail.com or 203.444.8311.


One of P2k’s strengths is working with students, both inside and outside of schools, to create unique opportunities for growth. Students are encouraged to explore environmental topics through art, music, dance and other disciplines in non-traditional ways and in non-conventional environments. We also work with student environmental clubs to provide intellectually stimulating approaches to education while modeling respectful stewardship of the environment.

Our educational collaborators have included: Peabody Museum of Natural History – Yale, Barnard Environmental Magnet School and ACES (Area Cooperative Educational Services) both in New Haven, CT, Dobbs Ferry Middle School and Hastings High School, NY. Please contact us at new.projects2k@gmail.com or 203.444.8311 for more information.


We have programming and events we would love to keep you informed about! Please join our mailing list by clicking here and we will alert you to our latest news through mail and email.

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