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Projects 2K Logo Decoded

waldsemuller mapThe map of the world lies on top of a refraction photo, the closest visualization that science can give with respect to the nature of atomic substance, which appears to be patterns of geometrized light energy. The world embraced by the energy of light.

Nestled in the world map on the bottom right is an image of a diatom, a single-celled photosynthetic algae. Diatoms come in over 100,000 varieties of geometric forms. This important part of the base of the marine and fresh water food chain has the same order as the geometric order most commonly found in Renaissance architecture. This geometric beauty has inspired architects and artists throughout time. An ocean wave on the right edge of the earth tells the story of the source of all life, the home of the diatom.

The lower section of the map to the left map cradles a human brain, the amazing source of invention and intellectual curiosity. To the left of the brain is an architectural floor plan for a Renaissance building, which mirrors the geometry of the diatom, from micro to macro.

Supporting the middle of the world map is the human hand. We have more control of the health and welfare of our earth than we might want to acknowledge. Support and serious future planning for environmental health is of utmost importance. On either side of the hand are feet in the first position of ballet, representing discipline, celebration of the beauty of humankind, and the confidence of stepping into the future.

In the middle of the top map is a nebula, one of many yet to be discovered with the understanding that we are not alone in the universe.

— Joy Wulke,  Projects2K Founding Director

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