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projects: about time

Hastings and Dobb's Ferry, NY

GENEROUS SUPPORT from Gallery at Hastings-on-Hudson,
Draper College, Westchester Arts Council

About TimeABOUT TIME was a curated exhibition at the historic Draper Cottage in Hastings on Hudson, NY of sundials and time keepers by international artists. Projects 2K presented a program to Dobbs Ferry Middle School and Hastings High School on the history of time keeping and the various inventions to measure and quantify time that have been created throughout human history. Students were invited to participate in a Sundial Student Sculpture Competition. The winners of the competition were given their prized at the opening of the exhibition ABOUT TIME.

ABOUT TIME was the inaugural exhibition in the newly renovated Draper Cottage, the location where the armature astronomer, John William Draper, became the first to photograph the moon in 1843. Professional artists and scientist from around the country were invited to participate.

About TimeArtists

Robert Lee Adzema
Norman Ballard
Leila Daw
Robert Greenler
Wopo Holup
Meryl Taradash
Tim Watkins
Sonja Johansson & Robert Webb
Joy Wulke


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