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Continuum Marvels: 2000
Discovery Museum
Bridgeport, CT

GENEROUS SUPPORT from the Discovery Museum, The Connecticut Commission on the Arts, The Bermant Foundation - Color Light Motion

CONTINUUM MARVELS, staged throughout the Discovery Museum, is a recreation of the highly popular TERRA CONTINUUM spectalce in the Stony Creek Quarry, which was the opening event for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, 1999.The museum galleries were transformed into vignettes of stories presented by the great scientific thinkers from all time, illustrated by light projections, original music, sculpture, performance and audience participation.

The story began in the Henry B. DuPont Planetarium with images representing the Big Bang, the split of the continents and evolution of world cultures. The audience walked through a gallery where the robots, ENFORCER 2000 and GIZMO, from the FIRST team, guided the group to the story's conclusion (for now) with the contemplation of String Theory and the Big T.O.E. or Theory of Everything in a light and performance extravaganza in the Museum's Food Court.

Creation Team

Joy Wulke, Creative Director

Tom Burnet, Director

Istvan Peter B'Racz, Composer/Music Director

Jamie Burnett, Luminous Environments LCC, Production/Lighting Design

Susan Mendelsohn, Playwright/Dramaturg

Margaret Carl, Stage Manager

Leslie Blateau, Thomas Murphy, Joel Farrell, Jessica Vasquez, Actors


MARVELS CONTINUED is a series of family workshops to accompany Continuum Marvels and included:

Creation Myths - Colleen Coleman
combined story telling, masks making and dramatic play, for students to explore the origins of the universe. After hearing stories of several creation myths, participants use paper and found materials to make masks, props, and costumes to perform their own stories of the creation of the universe.

The Magic of Numbers - Tom Burnett led participants to dramatize through body movement and paint small murals about theory of the explosive creation of matter, its swift formation into the beginning of our world and how it all relates to numbers and time.

The Universe - Bob Crelin
brought his telescopes for viewing the sun exploring its amazing imagery and energy power. The children made a "constellation in a can" and become Planets, staging tableaus to learn the relationship of scale and distance within our Universe.

The First Robots - Dan Tripp and the Farmington High School Robot Team worked with participants to operate and learn about the making of ENFORCER 2000 and GIZMO, robots capable of picking up, carrying, and placing objects in a goal. The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) program immerses students into the world of engineering and shows the connection between classroom learning and actual applications.

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