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Uconn Avery Point
Groton, CT

GENEROUS SUPPORT from the State of Connecticut


"Beginnings are apt to be shadowy, and so it is with the beginning of that great mother of life the sea…the story is founded on testimony of the earth's most ancient rocks…on other evidence written on the face of the earth's satellite, the moon and on hints contained in the history of the sun and the whole universe of star filled space…indeed had much to do with the fact that there is an ocean."

— Rachel L. Carson, The Sea Around Us


Created in collaboration with 
Ralph Lewis, Connecticut State Geologist and 
Nicholas F. Bellantoni, Connecticut State Archeologist. Performed on the campus of UConn Avery Point, Groton, CT.

The geological and social history of the Connecticut Shoreline presented as a multimedia performance in the round using lasers, theatrical lighting, dancers, singers, and musicians on the history of Connecticut Shoreline from 400 million years ago to the present.

Creation Team

Joy Wulke, Producer/ Creative Director
Jamie Burnett, Luminous Environments LCC, Production/Lighting Design
Istvan Peter B'Racz, Musical Director Composer
Tom Burnett, Narration/Director
Brad Roth, Co-Director/Choreographer
Joyce DeLauro, Choreographer
Jeff Cone, Laser Specialist
Joyce Soroko, Costume Design
Rachel Watkins, Soprano
David Margolin Lawson, Prelude Etude


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