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New Project


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projects: pathways to a sustainable future

2009 - 2010
Barnard Environmental Magnet School

NEw Haven, ct

GENEROUS SUPPORT from Jamie A. Hully Arts Foundation,
The Corinne G. Levin Educational Fund

Fifty 6th grade students worked with P2K artist Joy Wulke to create a wall mural for the lobby that explores PATHWAYS TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. Joy Wulke, helped students create glazed tiles that depict our carbon history and our plans for our carbon future. The inspirational piece allowed students to learn about the role industrialization and population growth has had in climate change. From the past the students learned how we can change the pattern of our carbon footprint by using our earth and its resources with greater care.

The project of creating a permanent public artwork was a new undertaking for the school. With Barnard’s focus on environmental education woven throughout the curriculum, continued to bring the idea of sustainability to the students. The key to the present and future is to learn about the past; what we as humans need to do in order to protect our planet. The goal was to make all Barnard students aware of their important role in the future of our planet. Through artistic expression that can be preserved in tile, a legacy for future students of Barnard to remind them of the importance of knowledge and education. The students created a work of art that provides a focus on the work of future generations of Barnard School students.


Marjorie Drucker, Project Coordinator
Joy Wulke, Projects2k Teaching Artist


Kristin Hebert
Abigail Evanko-Weber

Participating Students

Albert Aranjo
Brianne Ballard
Clinton Bolden
Darious Cooper
Sean Cowan
Dionne Davis
Isaiah Davis
Cameron Daye
Abigail Enanko-Weber
Zachariah Evanko-Weber
Enoc Escobar
Rhafton Fearing
Crystal Feliciano
Ralik Garvins
Nyjayah Gibson
Shyreese Gray
Roosevelt Green
Payton Hebert
Talia Higgins
Lakisha Holland
Kiana Humprey
Anaiah Johnson

Danielle Kelley
Tyreek London
John Lopez
Zakary Lozinak
Alayzia Malloy
Joel Martinez
Enasha McCrea
Gina Otto Moody
Jennifer Mydosh
Mack Paddock
Rashad Peters
Tylon Ray
Brandon Ricks
Michilla Robinson
Kayla Salters
Laszlo Sedenski
Lorant Sedenszki
Oviance Shuler
John Steinman
Corey Tonge
Ayanna Torres
Marlon Young
Kevin Zayas

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