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projects: shapes of time & tide

Mystic Art Association,
Mystic, CT

"Science will…produce the date…but never the full meaning. For perceiving real significance, we shall need…most of all the brains of poets, (and) also those of artists, musicians, philosophers, historians, writers in general."

- Lewis Thomas, Scientist & Author


Joy Wulke Director of Projects 2K curated an exhibition of work by artists, architects, writers, musicians, and artists. All the works were emblematic of the concept that fusing art and science as a means for discovery, appreciation, and expression of the natural world enhances learning and sustains wonder. The works reveal the cultural and physical dimensions of natural phenomena.

Included in the exhibition were:

Bill & Mary Buchen, Sonic Architecture
Bob Crelin, The Wandering Star

David Connell, Illustration for Einstein’s Dreams
Leila Daw, Environmental Artist

Mary Edna Fraser, Aerial Landscape Artist

Robert Greenler, Optical Physicist

David Margolin Lawson, Composer 

Flashlight, Kinetic Artist

Alan Lightman, Author: Einstein's Dreams
Thomas A. Lindsey, Solar Architect 

Clyde Lynds, Kinetic Artist

Robert Perron, Aerial Photographer
Otto Piene & Elizabeth Goldring, Kinetic Artists

Tim Prentice, Kinetic Artist

Ken Robbins, Photographer 

Michael Rush, Film Maker 

Chris Scala, Water Sculptor

Tod Siler, Multi Media Art/Science

David Smalley, Multi Media Artist

Dava Sobel, Author Longitude & Galileo's Daughter

Tim Watkins, Kinetic Sculptor

Webb/Johansson/Zhang, Optical Landscape Design

Diane Willow, Environmental Sculpture
Joy Wulke, Environmental Sculpture

Shapes of Time & Tide

Sacred Center Sun Dance is a sundial by Joy Wulke in collaboration with Dan Kerwin of the Mohegan Tribe using symbols to create orientations of time in human history and as expressed through the natural phenomenon of sunlight and seasons. Tim Watkins sculpture "Mystics" can be seen in the background.

A series of presentations accompanying The Shapes of Time and Tide included:

shapes of time tideBob Crelin of the Wandering Star Project presenting an afternoon with Comet Hale Bopp, learning all about comets, and their roles in history. Demonstrations about the life of a comet and how their tails are formed, how to chart and catch Hale-Bopp on film.

Tod Siler, Ph.D. and Art/Science artist presenting his work and theories covered in his book Think Like a Genius and Breaking the Mind Barrier.

Storytellers form the Mohegan Tribal Cultural Council sharing ancestral stories of the stages of the moon.

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