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projects: shapes of the wind

Livingston, Montana

GENEROUS SUPPORT from the Lincoln School Foundation, Park County Friends of the Arts, Montana Arts Council


"The winds from the land creating mountains and ripples in sand where there were none before. These winds can take our great away. The same force that gives us life can literally carry life away with its strength both vertically and horizontally. It can change the direction of rain and snow defying gravity causing us to loose our sense of direction. The wind forms clouds of unbelievable beauty and ominous anticipation. The wind is never still."

- Joy Wulke


SHAPES OF THE WIND presented ways of exploring the most prominent natural resource of Livingston, MT. Shapes of the Wind incorporated a week of events which included an invitational exhibition at the Danforth Gallery, an outdoor exhibition of sculptures by well known Montana artist that move with the wind, an Artist in the School program for the middle school students of Livingston, Wind Camp for Elementary School Children, and the Wind Bag Ball. The week long celebration has now become a tradition and is known as Wind Week.

Creation Team

Patricia Blume, Board Member Lincoln School, Foundation/ Park County Friends of the Arts
Molly Stratton, Director of the Danforth Gallery
Joy Wulke, Founding/Creative Director Projects for a New Millennium

Artists in the Schools

Joy Wulke, Artist
Jennifer Smith, Program Director


Tim Cahill, Nationally acclaimed writer
Frank Albeni, Professor & wild fire expert
Ken Vandwalle, Kinetic sculptor and Architect
Greg Young, Wind instrument musician & professor

Outdoor Sculpture installations

Gary Bates & Zac H. Zakovi

Exhibition Artists

Carol Baker, Joanne Berghold, Richard Charron, Nan Beber Darham, The Darham Family, Christina DeWeese, Gennie DeWeese, Michael Devine, Edd Enders, Malou Falto, Fristi Jean Hager, Audrey Hall, Kate Jansen, Amber Jean, Neil Jussila, Terry Karson, Jennifer Lowe, Catherine Lunde, Susan Mason, Lindy Miller, Kenda inter, Taylor C. Mott, Francis J. Noel III, llen Ornitz, Bruce Park, Genise Park Tandy, Miles Riddle, Joan Ryshavy, Joy Wulke, Partick Zentz

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