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Stony Creek Quarry
Stony Creek, CT

terra alchemicaGENEROUS SUPPORT from Tilcon of Connecticut, The Connecticut Commission on the Arts, The Bermant Foundation - Color Light Motion

The participants were invited to take a journey into the Stony Creek Quarry collecting clues about the geological sequence of events that created the granite that surrounds them. The clues are a series of nine fun experiences and vantage-points along the path with written pages of historical note from 616 million years ago to the present to add to a folio. At the end of the journey the participants have the complete story of the geological make up of Stony Creek Granite.

Selected artists, to be known as the ROCK ON group, filled the quarry with site specific sculptural installations. Jerry Allison, rock climber and artist, created a one day work using the rock face and his climbing as material and method.


terra alchemicaThe experience began at the top of the quarry, 616 million years ago when the true granite was created under the earth through fire.

A granite chess board was created and played to represent the crashing of the floating continents into Pangea, one world that then ripped apart, approximately 250 million years ago, to form the continents as we know them today.



terra alchemicaAt the end of the journey participants were invited to make their own cairns (sculptures) to celebrate the beauty of the granite as it is today. A light supper was served and we all enjoyed the sarande of the quarry toads and frogs.



terra alchemicaCreation Team

Joy Wulke, Production Design/Educational Coordinator/Concept Design
Jamie Burnett, Luminous Environments LCC, Production/Concept Design
Agnieszka Czopik, Production Design
Istvan Peter B-Racz, Music Composition
Jerry Alison, Climbing Artist/Climbing Coordinator

terra alchemicaRock on Artists

Anna Broel Bresnick
Jamie Burnett
Agnieszka Czopik
Joanne Moran
Russell Rainbolt
Joy Wulke

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