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projects: terra continuum

Stony Creek Quarry
Stony Creek, CT

GENEROUS SUPPORT from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, The David Berman Foundation - Color Light Motion, The Wulke Family Foundation, Tilcon of Connecticut, Karin L. Pritzker/Michael Vlock, and many more businesses and individuals.

A major light, sound and theater project performed in the Stony Creek, CT quarry telling the story of human inquiry from the Big Bang to String Theory.

What if Einstein and Curie, Leonardo and the Arab creators of the Astrolabe collaborated with the men and women Shamans of Australia, Africa, the Americas and other world cultures to create an event that asked questions about the meaning of time, important events of the last Millennium and the meaning of earth and sky to our world view? Perhaps they would be asking the same questions of each other we explored in Terra Continuum, an epic event fully staged in the Stony Creek Granite Quarry. The story was illustrated through light projections, laser, falling and shooting water, fire, original music, sculpture, performance, dance, and audience participation.

TERRA CONTINUUM was an eight night outdoor performance in the Stony Creek Quarry that transcended conventional art and science to challenge audiences as never before. The journey began when audiences stepped onto shuttle busses departing from three locations. Audiences were guided by Bus Shamans who led them to their places in the quarry.


TERRA CONTINUUM introduction by Mike Franzman

Some comments about Terra Continuum:

"TERRA CONTINUUM is ancient, modern and wildly creative. It will be one of the most interesting environmental installations you'll ever see."
- Faith Middleton, Connecticut Public Radio

"In a collaboration of some of Connecticut's most innovative artists, TERRA CONTINUUM weds Nature, Science, Art and History in a spectacular event of great beauty and high drama in a grand and mysterious setting."
- Bitsie Clark, Director, Arts Council of Greater New Haven

"As a Connecticut event, TERRA CONTINUUM stands alone with its imaginative and innovative approach. This intriguing event will attract people of all ages from the region and will appeal to every sense and emotion."
 - Robert Gregson, Creative Director, Connecticut Office of Tourism

Creation Team

Joy Wulke, Producer/Creative Director 

Jamie Burnett, Luminous Environments LCC, Lighting/Production/Graphic Design
Jesai James, Director 

Susan Mendelsohn, Playwright/Dramaturg 

Susan Mulcahey, Associate Producer/Event Coordinator

Istvan P. B'Racz, Soundscape/Musical Director 

Jeff Cone, Laser Specialist

Margaret Carl, Stage Manager 

Joyce DeLauro, Choreographer

Brad Roth, Quarryographer 

April Soroko, Costume Design

COOCOOHANDLER, Original Live Music

And a cast of 40 more performers, technicians, and crew.

From the writer's note:

"From the petroglyphs to equations. From stone walls to chalkboards. Human kind's scrim bled attempts to make order of the universe. Messages into the future that are symbols of the quest/questions of the day…Einstein's questions and mathematically quantifiable answers blew the roof off common sense observations and his theories of relativity introduced the concept of space/time continuum into our vocabulary. Then quantum mechanics cam in that said that we alter any experiment we engage in, that the act of observing alters that which is observed. Finally, we are at the threshold of String Theory, the theory which so excites and delights physicists. It could be the Big T.O.E. - Theory of Everything." 

- Susan Mendelshon, playwright, June, 1999

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