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Yale Peabody Museum Summer Camp
New Haven, CT

GENEROUS SUPPORT from Yale University

Children grades 3-6 explore the geological wonders of Connecticut through dance the arts and field trips to quarries culminating in a "Rock Festival" with displays of rock collections Inukshok and caryn sculptures, a theatrical backdrop of rock formations and an interpretive dance performance narrated by a student. Parents look forward to this event and enjoy foods created after the rock formations; sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.

The Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale is a wealth of geological information. It has recently opened a newly renovated Hall of Minerals designed in collaboration with Jay Ague, Director of the Yale School of Geology and Geophysics.

As well as in Museum programs campers went of field trips to:

Stony Creek Quarry- granite supplied for the base of the Statue of Liberty and other major project. Darrell Petit, world renowned sculpture uses the quarry as his studio and was guide for the children's visit.

Brown Stone Quarry - supplier of materials for all New York City "brownstones."

Tilcon Trap Rock Quarry - fully functioning quarry supplying trap rock for infrastructure projects around the world.

Pegmatite Quarry - a treasure chest of conglomerate rocks once used in a variety of 20th century Connecticut industries.

Outer Island - one of many rock islands known as The Thimbles and now a national reserve.

Creation Team

Gena Rho Smith, Movement/Dance Coordinator
Joy Wulke, Visual Arts Coordinator
Marjorie Drucker & Holly Hopkins, Educational Consultants
David Heiser, Peabody Museum Coordinator
Joyce DiLauro, Choreographer

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