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Stony Creek Quarry
Stony Creek, CT

GENEROUS SUPPORT from the Bermant Foundation-Color Light Motion, Tilcon of Connecticut, Herman Abbott Family Foundation, Connecticut Commission on the Arts

"Perhaps truth about light and our fictions simultaneously invent each other. It is why we need the sun and why we must make our own light when the sun is gone."

— Sydney Perkowitz, Empire of Light


An illustrated history of the enquiry into light as presented in the Stony Creek Quarry. Performers included rock climbers in illuminated costumes, dancers, laser and theatrical light performers with water, fire, and mist. An original sound score accompanied by ambient frogs complimented the visual effects.

"Our vision is an interplay of external light and our internal visual sensory organ—the eye. And that organ, the eye, is an instrument which developed over time as a participatory response to light."

— Susan Mendelsohn

"Light is said to be our first experience with the world and our last. It is both ephemeral and constant. All world cultures count on daily and seasonal changing light to define the rhythm of life; waking/sleeping, working/play. Light has come to define time, not only the diurnal light of the day but also the light year (a unit of astrological distance), expanding our concept of what time means."

— Joy Wulke

Creation Team

Jamie Burnett, Luminous Environments LCC,
Production /Lighting / Graphic Design
Joy Wulke, Producer/Creative Director/Concept
Istvan Peter B'Racz, Ambient Sound/Musical Director
Susan Mendelsohn, Playwright/Dramaturg
Tom Burnett, Director
Margaret Carl, Stage Manager
Joseph James Simeone, Choreographer
Jerry Allison, Captain Light Wrangler
Jeff Cone, Laser Specialist
Lydia Emperador, Costume/Electroluminescent Specialist

terra luminaLight Wranglers

Jerry Allison
Agnieszka Czopik
Mike Geancopoulos
Ed Kaine
Jessica Libertini
Melissa Pelton
Dugar Tillman-Brown


Joseph James Simeone
Elizabeth Disharoon
Kristin Swiat

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