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projects: terra mirabila, If Rocks Could Dream

May 28-June 21, 2005
Stony Creek Quarry
Stony Creek, CT

GENEROUS SUPPORT from the David Bermant Foundation Color-Light-Motion, New Alliance Foundation, Citizens Bank, Channel 8 News, Pyro-Fx, Tilcon of Connecticut, Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, High Output, Supertech.

The 10th anniversary celebration of the Projects2k “Quarry Terra Series.” A major multi-media event, which includes: laser, theatrical light, fire, mist, dance, poetry, projections, and more. The majestic Stony Creek Granite Quarry in Connecticut is the setting for TERRA MIRABILIA, an extraordinary tale of the enchanting pink stone from the earliest moments in geological time.

From Gondwana to Pangaea to the upcoming super continent with its central shared ocean. Nothing stands. Forms melt like mists, solid lands like clouds, sharp themselves and go. Human alterations of the environment cannot compare with such feats of nature s the moving of continents or, much less, the creation of the world. As we become more of a force, we will hopefully grow in wisdom to protect and preserve the wonders of the diverse planet upon which we all live.

What we know today is that the moon continues with it’s phases guiding the tides; that we rely on the Sun and it’s diurnal path, the fireflies play among the reeds; that the tadpoles metamorphose into frogs; and that the stars continue to hang in the sky in unfathomable distances of deep space. All are sources for our imagination and sense of wonder in life’s cycles.

Creation Team

Joy Wulke, Producer/Creative Director
Jamie Burnett, Luminous Environments LCC, Producer/Lighting Designer/Technical Director
Rebecca Abbott, Video Imaging
Istvan Peter B’Racz, Musical Director/Composer
Joyce DiLauro, Choreographer
Margaret Carl, Stage Manager
Jeff Cone, Laser Specialist
Jay Ague, Director Yale School of Geology, Geology Consultant
Susan Mulcahey, Project/Event Coordinator
Steve Watson, Pre-show Tai Chi

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